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Singers, welcome to my Blog!

The human voice is profoundly moving! And the miracle of it is that we are all born with that potential power---to connect with others on a deep and spiritual level with our voices.

If you are reading this, chances are that you are either a singer, or someone who loves to sing, but hesitates to let others hear you. Let me encourage you to just sing! Sing for the joy of it, for the way it allows you to express what is deep within you. I would rather live in a world full of people singing, with voices that are sometimes rough or out of tune, than a world where the only ones who raise their voices are the people being paid to do it!

I am a teacher of voice, with many years of experience to inform my perspective. Visit my Voice Studio web page for my bio, at

I will be blogging here, from time to time, about singing. Sometimes I will delve into discussions of technique and physiology, sometimes I will just cheer for great singers and their songs, and sometimes I will pose some ideas for us all to ponder about music.

I hope that you will join me here. Please share your thoughts! A world where people have conversations about singing and music is a world where all that is good about humanity will thrive.

I hope that this blog will become "The Voice of Inspiration" for you!



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